Vocabulário – Xingando com Stranger Things

Vocabulário – Xingando com Stranger Things

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nível B1Hello folks! Hoje a aula é em inglês pra aprendermos vocabulário com Stranger Things.
(Esta aula foi feita para o nível B1 e acima. Clique aqui para conhecer os níveis do CEFR.)

Do you know what a douchebag is or to be a pussy?

Today’s lesson: Stranger Things by Netflix
Season 1, episode 1
Bad words

Let’s watch it?

Part one: Vocabulary

In the first episode the boys are playing RPG (1:49 minutes):

Vocabulário Stranger Things Geekin' English
credits to http://dorkshelf.com/

The situation is difficult and Will needs to decide to attack or not the monster Demogorgon. Dustin says to defend, but Lucas says to attack. Let’s check the dialogue:

Mike: Did you hear that? That sound? Boom boom Boom! That didn’t come from the troglodytes. No, that That came from something else. The Demogorgon!
Dustin: We’re in deep shit.
Mike: Will, your action!
Will: I don’t know!
Lucas: Fireball him!
Will: I’d have to roll a 13 or higher! Too risky.
Dustin: Cast a protection spell.
Lucas: Don’t be a pussy. Fireball him!

In case Will decides to defend the group, Lucas calls him a “pussy“.

1- In your opinion, is “pussy”:
a) a strong and brave person (like Merida from Brave)
b) a coward person (like Courage, the coward dog, or Sam from Game of Thrones)

Click here for the answer.

About usage: Pussy is extremely offensive and nowadays is considered a sexist term (remember that Stranger Things takes place in 1983).

After the game, Dustin offers pizza to Mike’s sister, Nancy. She refuses and Justin gets upset. While talking about it, Mike says something about Nancy’s boyfriend, Steve (4:18 minutes):

Dustin: There’s something wrong with your sister.
Mike: What are you talking about?
Dustin: She’s got a stick up her butt.
Mike: Yeah. It’s because she’s been dating that douchebag, Steve Harrington.
Dustin: Yeah, she’s turning into a real jerk.
Mike: She’s always been a real jerk.
Dustin: Nuh-uh, she used to be cool.

1- In your opinion a person who is a “douchebag” or a “jerk” is:
a) rude and annoying
b) violent person

Click here for the answer.

On the next day, the boys go to school and find some bullies, those bad boys who make fun of people (0.20 seconds). Let’s watch?

Now, the dialogue:

Bully boy 1: Step right up, ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and get your tickets for the freak show. Who do you think would make more money in a freak show? Midnight, Frogface, or Toothless?
Bully boy 2: I’d go with Toothless.
Dustin: I told you a million times, my teeth are coming in. It’s called cleidocranial dysplasia.
Bully boy 2: “I told you a million times.”
Bully boy 1: Do the arm thing.
Bully boy 2: Do it, freak! God, it gets me every time.
Lucas: Assholes.

1- In your opinion, a “freak” is a:
a) normal and young person
b) strange or weird person

2- An “asshole” is a:
a) rude, unpleasant, and sometimes stupid person
b) quiet and shy person

Click here for the answer.

IMPORTANT: all the words are BAD and OFFENSIVE! Be careful when using these! Most of them can be used as jokes between friends, but do not call people like this, it’s not a good thing to do!

Part two: Talk about it!

1- In your opinion is Steve, Nancy’s boyfriend, really a douchebag? Why (not)?

2- Who is the greatest asshole of TV? Darth Vader? Bolton? Joffrey? Victoria Greyson? Negan? The Governor?

Write down in the comments below or vote in the poll!

That’s it for today folks! See you next class!

Stay geek!